The knitting machine

The knitting machine is a recent instrument (especially when it is compared with the ancient method of loom), which enables us to realize many metres of fabric, very quickly.

The machine is composed by a series of needles which mimic the process of manual knitting. The machanism is incredibly complex since it engages numerous mechanical elements, but the resulting fabric is regular and is also endowed with some notable technical features. For example, the density of the fabric may be modified according to the specific needs. Moreover, the machine may produce charming double-faced effect, which creates color and light combinations giving refinement and elegance to the garments. 

All of our knitwear are realized using a knitting machine Coppo n.7 with five hunderds needles produced in the '60s. This mechanical jewel is one of the best example to represent the high precision and the innovation capacity of the italian manufacturing of those years. The same precision and capacity which allowed many italian artisans to make history in the world sector of textile and knitwear. 


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