Artes, handicraft laboratory producing clothing, handbags and rugs made from hand-woven fabrics and knitwear, was born in the spring of 2008 from an idea by Antonella Nanni, inside the castle walls of Monteriggioni. Over the years the laboratory was enriched the help of two other expert weavers, Luana and Catherine, thus making it possible to realize all stages of production within the laboratory itself.
Visiting us, you can not only see how we pack our original models in knitwear and woven fabrics as they are in our 2 handlooms, but also buy the items on display in the annex store or request any personalized creations (tapestries, linens and furnishings, carpets , etc.)
We think we're very lucky: making objects by hand, using only natural fibers gives our work an antique flavor. Just as ancient and rich history are the ancient walls of the castle where we work and we hope you will come one day to visit.

Antonella, Luana e Caterina

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