Merinos Superwash

Merinos wool is a fibre of animal origin, deriving from merinos sheep (Ovis orientalis aries var. “Merinos”), which is the most widespread specie of sheep in the world. The merinos fibre enjoy excellent features. The string is incredibly thin and this avoids human skin to be itched. Moreover, this peculiar wool has a great thermal insulation resistance and it may keep you warm in winter but it can be suitable also for use in spring and summer.

Originally, merinos wool spread across Europe starting from Spain, where it probably came in the Middle Age from the Middle East. Nowadays, the merinos production is highly concentrated in Australia and New Zeland, thanks to the weather favourable to graze.

In order to obtain merinos fibre, sheep are shorn and the wool undergoes numerous processes before the final spinning. It is washed, combed and the fibres are unravelled. Then, the wool is carded so that short and matted fibres can be removed. Eventually, it is subject to unravelling and combed many times again.

In our laboratory, we use only one special kind of merinos wool: Merinos Superwash. This yarn, together with all the spectacular characteristics of the traditional merinos, is washing-machine safe. Here, it can be manufactured with the knitting machine, which allows to create an enchanting double-faced effect or through the hand loom, usually enlightened and enhanced by Superkid Mohair fibres.

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