Superkid Mohair

The fibre of mohair is a fine fibre of animal origin. Thanks to its incredible sparkle and lightness, it is mainly employed for the production of fluffy fabrics, which easily create elegant drapery.

Despite the misleading name, the angora goat (Capra keçisi) is the origin of mohair and it is not to be confused with the angora rabbit, which produces the wool of the same name. The goat is shorn to obtain the wool and the spinning process vary according with the age of the animal. In our laboratory, we chose to use only fibres coming from younger animals (Superkid Mohair), since it is more precious and thinner.

In case of manufacturing through knitting machine, the cloth can be realized using only this wonderful yarn and the result is an incredibly fluffy and enveloping effect. In case of hand-woven fabrics instead, mohair is usually combined with merinos wool, so to increase the thickness and compactness of the fabric. The resulting cloths are warm, soft and enveloping. 

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